HTML to PDF Button

Add a "Save as PDF" to your webpages. Completely FREE!

Use our FREE HTML to PDF service to allow your visitors to download/save your web pages as PDF. No coding or signup required. All you need to do is add a simple HTML link to your web pages.

Webpage to PDF Button

Add the below line of HTML code to your website.

<a href="" target= "_blank">Save as PDF</a>

Example: Save as PDF

Important: The web page needs to be publicly accessible on the Internet. Our HTML to PDF conversion button will not work if your web page is password protected or hosted on a local development web server.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Additional Options

You can add parameters to the URL to customize the generated PDF. For example:

<a href="" target= "_blank">Save as PDF</a>

Below is a list of all available parameters you can pass to the our HTML to PDF script:

  • cache: Set this to 1 to enable caching of the generated PDF on our server. Default is 1. Set to 0 to disable caching.
  • cache_for: Set this to the number of seconds you want to cache the PDF for. By default set to 86400 seconds (24 hours). Set to 0 to clear cache and generate a new PDF.
  • print_media: Set this to 1 to use print media CSS. Click here for brief introduction to CSS media types.
  • url: Set this to the URL of the page you want to convert to PDF. For example consider the following scenario, you want to add a HTML to PDF button on but what this button to generate PDF for In this case you can set link to Now whenever someone clicks this button, it will generate PDF for